Monday, April 20, 2009

Awful Nautilus / Brasero bug in Jaunty RC1

If you're running the RC of Jaunty, you probably noticed that your Nautilus-based desktop isn't showing today and that you can't browse files at all. Nautilus is loading the Brasero library (which is currently SEGFAULTing on startup, and crashing. The workaround is
sudo chmod a-r /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/
That's all on one line if you see a line break. Brasero won't work, but it didn't before so there's no real loss, eh?
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  1. Thank's. I spent hours trying to figure out why nautilus crashed when I inserted a CD.
    Steven (

  2. In my Jaunty RC1 Brasero works well without any patch... so does Nautilus...

  3. It may be only one architecture. Are you running 64 bit?

  4. The machine that had the problem is 32bit (an old P4), so that may be it. I didn't notice any comments about arch in my research, though.

  5. I am sure you filed a but, did you?

  6. Hello, this is the 1st and 2nd "Anonymous".
    Thinking about Brasero, I find very very unlikely that such a huge bug could survive up to the Release Candidate. Nobody is perfect at Canonical, but this is too big, IMO.
    Maybe your own hardware is in trouble.

  7. Bug was already filed sometime like April 7th, fixed, and regressed. It took me a while to find, and I didn't bookmark it, so I'm not linking to it. If I have time later tonight, I'll look it up again. I did a backtrace and submitted it, since it was still marked "incomplete." I hope to hell it doesn't shipt like this.

  8. This bug is fixed, and you can re-enable using
    sudo chmod a+w /usr/lib/nautilus/

  9. I just updated to the 9.04 release this morning and experienced this bug on restart. Thanks for posting this workaround, I was hoping there would be a way to deal with this without a full reinstall.

    Come on, Canonical. This bug completely breaks your brand new release. How did this get through?

  10. Aye, whatever ... but thanks to you all for posting the fix ... it was quick and painless.

    I agree that this must be a bug that is affecting only some machines, not all.


  11. Thanks! I have still the same Problem but only with my slave device. My primary master dvd-recorder works well but my cd-recorder slave crashed while loading any non-blank cd.


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